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 For questions unaddressed here please call our office and a staff member will be glad to assist you!

Why and how often should I mulch my property?

There are many reasons you should mulch your property. Organic mulch breaks down overtime and adds nutrients to your soil. Also mulch retains moisture and heat for your planting materials while creating a weed barrier if applied at the right thickness. 


Frequency of mulching depends on the homeowner, but to keep a fresh looking landscape we recommemend once a year.

How do I know how much mulch to buy? Calculating a cubic yard.

We recommend that you apply your mulch at a 3 inch thickness. At this thickness 1 yard of mulch will spread 100 sq ft or a

10ft x 10ft area.


The formula to calculate yards of mulch needed is:

Length X width X inches of thickness X .0031

10' X 10' X 3" X .0031 = .93 or 1 cubic yard


When is the best time to mulch?

It really depends on when you want your property to look its best. Most homeowners like to mulch in the spring to have their property looking fresh while plants are budding out. However, winter is also a great time to mulch as it protects the plants through heat retention during the cold season.


Basically, you can mulch during any season!

How much does it cost to deliver mulch?

Delivery fees are based upon distance. The minimum fee for a delivery is $30 within an 5 mile distance. For deliveries that exceed this radius please call the office for a quote.


The delivery fee is waived for local churches and schools! 

Is that mold growing in my mulch?

When the weather gets very hot and humid a fungus may start to grow on the top of your mulch that is a yellow to brown color. The fungus isn't harmful and can be easily removed with a rake, shovel, or just by spraying the area with a water hose. 

Does mulch attract bugs and termites?!

Mulch is organic and, yes, can attract tiny insects. However, these insects are not harmful. They help break down the mulch which provides nutrients to your plants. 


Mulch attracting termites is a myth. Termites like to feed on wood that is below ground. Also termites eat the "white wood" on the inside of the tree, not the bark which we use to make our mulch.

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